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For many years, we have been working on the development of physics-based games, which are of increasing importance in the game market. The possibility to realistically simulate physical object behaviour allows for very realistic scenes. These technological features, put together with a lot of creativity, are an excellent base for the development and production of innovative game concepts.

In the field of 3D games, our aim is to create well-engineered high quality content. Thus, our games can be marketed as boxed titels as well as commercial games with a high replay value.

We cover both the online and offline sector, which means we can implement our games in your website along with a connection to a database including, highscore management, a lobby, etc., which binds users to your site and motivates them to keep coming back. If wished, we also deliver the game boxed, on CD-ROM/DVD, with an installer, a manual and support, like it's common in the games industry.

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