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3D Visualisization

During the last years, our primary focus in the field of visualizations has been on visualising architecture, plant construction and processes. We can deliver these visualizations as both realtime or pre-rendereed animations for online and offline use. We develop our solutions so they best fit your specific needs.

Architectural visualizations allow architects to bring their ideas across to their customers in a form that is easy to comprehend and does not require the customer to imagine anything based on some two-dimensional sketch. This makes it a lot easier to market architektural projects than by the use of all other common techniques of visualization.

3D rendering (movie) on CD-ROM, DVD or online.
  • Very high graphical quality (resolution, texturing, light and shadow effects)
  • Lots of possible effects (moving vehicles, etc.)
  • best to be used for offline presentations
  • Rather big amounts of data
  • No interactivity

3D realtime (interactive) online or on CD-ROM.
  • Interactivity gives the user additional views on the subject of the visualization
  • User can move through the scene in real time
  • Relatively small amount of data makes the application easier to use for the web
  • Limited options in terms of visual effects
  • Overall quality not as high as in pre-rendered movies

The choice of technology and form of presentation depends on the project, the target audience and, most importantly, the wishes of our customers.

Example architectural visualization