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Multimedia Development

Software and ot´s components are easier to understand if mutimedia aspects are taken into consideration. It is a known fact that the learning curve grows steeper the more interactive components are being used and the more senses are being adressed when delivering content.

Our experience in the field of game development, software ergonomics und usability engineering are a big advantage in the successful development of multimedia content.

Beyond that, ITnB-Development has access to a vast network of experienced specialists in various fields of media production (for example music and sound effect production). We call in those experts with their know-how whenever needed, thus making sure our customers always get top quality content.

  • Music / Sound
  • We have implemented 3D sound and music under DirecX and OpenAL in various past and current projects. We support 3D audio effects using EAX 2.0. This makes enables us to make use of interesting effects like occlusion, obstruction, reverb, etc.

  • Video
  • We at ITnB-Development also create VFX (visual effects) for TV as well as for the big screen and we have produced whole CGI (computer generated images) animations. The services we offer also include the production of DVDs, (concept, design, authoring), development of filters for video applications and digital video conversion.