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Solepark 3D



MSRW 2002 (PC)

Campus Jungfernsee

Deutsche Welle 3D

Deutsche Welle 3D

Already back in 2001, german broadcaster 'Deutsche Welle' commisioned TERRATOOLS GmbH with the production of a online 3D representation. The world created was implemented with VRML. The Blaxxun community server acted as the base for the multi user environment.

The following meaid formats have been used in this project:
  • display of realtime 3D objects: VRML,
  • mini games: Shockwave,
  • video streaming (e.g. Operas)
  • multi user functionality

Besides a lobby and a multimedia lounge, the world also consisted of a 3D gallery. The objects displayed and related information about the artist was easily configurable by a content management system.

We were (among other aspects) in charge of creating the 3D world, it's integration into the blaxxun server, project management during the final phase and all technical aspects.