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MSRW 2002 (PC)

Campus Jungfernsee

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Campus Jungfernsee

The DVD production "Campus Jungfernsee" was a project of TERRATOOLS GmbH and DIVINE Film for Campus Jungfernsee GmbH & Co KG. The aim was to pre-visualize the 'Rote Kasernen' of Potsdam by combinating real film material and rendered 3D animations. In total, four minutes of animated sequences were produced in direkt cooperation with the architects in charge of the project.

When first shown to an audience, the reactions were beyond our expectations. Current members of ITnB-Development have been in charge of all of the 3D modeling, cutting and rendering.

This project is one of the best examples for the potential of architectural visualizations. Construction projects of this scale strongly depend on this type of marketing instrument.