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Solepark 3D



MSRW 2002 (PC)

Campus Jungfernsee

Deutsche Welle 3D


The 'Kabelracer' is the prototype of a 3D multiplayer online racing game, that is to be released exclusively in a gaming portal. The main point of this project is to verify the networking conditions inside broadband cable networks and to fond out how these can be used for gaming purposes.

The game mode is a head-to-head duel race: two players per round race each other one on one. The player with the fastest time wins.

Unlike in many other web-based racing games, the players do not take turns driving, but race the track at the same time, like they are used to from LAN-based racing games.

Due to the architecture of the gaming portal, we developed a server-based game, which means that a 'racing server' is running on the server of the gaming portal and takes care of user authentification, lobby management and management of the individual racing sessions.
In the lobby, the players can chat and choose a race track.

After the race is completed, the scores are sent to the gaming portal via xml to be saved and processed there.

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