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Ballance is a Cyparade production which was published europe-wide on April 2nd 2004 by ATARI. From the very beginning, current members of ITnB have been part of the development team and working on leveldesign and interface design.

What is Ballance?

Ballance is a level-based puzzle game. The player has to move a ball through a hovering maze of paths and rails. When moving, the player will face many mechanical obstacles like seesaws, suspension bridges, pendulums etc. to overcome. It is the aim of the game to reach to the end of each level without dropping the ball.

Ballance Ballance takes its special appeal from the physically realistic simulation of its elements. When exploring the world of this game and its rules, the view into endless depths gives the player a continuous thrill.

Find all the information about the game here >> www.ballance.org

Additional info can be found at >> Virtools

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