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Water Shader

Virtools-based shader demo

This shader demo, which was developed with Virtools, show the different qualities of several shader versions, using water as an example.

The demo allows you to watch different kinds of water being rendered with different shader versions. "Hardware detection" shows you the shader versions available on your system.

The creation of realistic water effects is very challenging, as there are various techniques which have to be combined:

  • waves on the water surface that influence all other effects
  • reflection of the environment
  • refraction of the ground
  • reflection of light
  • opacity of the water (i.e. how deep you can look inside the water)

The overall visual quality rises with higher shader versions, as a result of higher mathematical precision and more complex shader code.

Move the camera with your mouse and change the water types with your spacebar. The shader version used can be changed by pressing [Enter].

Start with a resolution of:

800x600 >>. (4.8MB)

Note: Note: If you choose a shader version that is not supported by your hardware, the scenen will be rendered with out shaders.

Recommended system:
up-to-date 3D graphics card, DirectX 9.0c, up-to-date drivers for you graphics card, Virtools webplayer (free plugin)

last update: 19.11.2004