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Interaktives 3D-Dragonboot-Model


On this Page we would like to present to you our interactive 3D-Dragonboat-Model. By clicking one of the following links you may start the Dragonboat-Viewer. You might have to install the free webplayer of Virtools first. If you are browsing with Internet Explorer, the installation will start automaticly.

After starting the application you will have a rotateable view of the Dragonboat. By clicking the buttons of the interface you can move single parts of the boat into focus. In addition you get some information about the Dragonboat, it´s history and some information about Dragonboatsport in Europe.

Start the german language version with a resolution of
640x480 here >>, or with
800x600 here >>.

(each 1.85MB)

The chinese language version with a resolution of
800x600 is here >> .

You can start a multilanguage-Version with animtated Characters 640x480 here >> (5 MB)

Minimum System Requirements:
3D-Videocard, DirectX8.1, Virtools-Webplayer (free Plugin)

If you have experiencing problems with the automatic installation of the Virtools-webplayer, you can manually start the installation here >> (1.5MB)

last update: 29.09.2004