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This scene demonstrates the multitexturing capabilities of VRML. Multitexturing can be used for a variety of visual effects.

Lightmaps: Light- and shadoweffects can be achieved with a combination of tiled base textures that are blended with appropriate lightmaps. Texture filtering allows for the use of even very tiny textures as lightmaps. In this scene, the lighmap of each wall ist a texture of just 64x64 pixels.

Environment maps: Other that the lightmaps, the texture coordinates for reflections are being calculated at runtime. The objects using chrome as material in this scene use a spherical projection, whereas the window uses a projection based on position and angle of the camera.

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"Page Up" and "Page Down" allow you to schoose different cameras. Use the arrow keys to move through the room. Hit ESC to reset the camera to it's initial position and angle.

last update: 19.04.2004