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Demo 'Into the Box'

This demo features a small scene with physicalized objects like boxes and spheres and a car. The open source physics engine ODE, which came to use here, provides (after a bit of effort to integrate it) a decent library for physically correct real-time interaction of objects (i.e. rigid body physics).

The car's driving physics are a complete in-house development by ITnB, using ODE only to handle collisions between the car and objects in the environment. All objects cast a stencil shadow and the boxes and balls use bumpmaps.

>> Download as ZIP-file (2.6 MB)

After the download, extract the contents of the archive into a directory of your choice and start the file "GPlayer.exe". Pressing F1 displays the controls of the scene.

System requirements: 1.3 GHz processor; DirectX9; Graphics card with shader support; recommended Shader 2.0 (GF5, ATI 9500 or better)

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last update: 03.01.2006