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Demo 'Der Hof'

The demo-scene 'Der Hof' demonstrates the calculation of real-time shadows. Real-time effects like shadows and bump-mapping are rendered by using vertex-shader and pixel-shader programming, thus adding to the graphical quality of the scene without overly impacting it's performance.


The shadow volumes are initiallly genereted with degenerate quads and are then deformed by the vertex shader of the light source. The method used for shadow calculation is called "depth-fail-method" which eliminates 'inversion problems' if the camera position happens to be inside a shadow volume. This demo was optimized for shader 2.0 to make visual effects like water and bump-specular mapping possible.

>> Download as ZIP-file (3.3 MB)

After the download, extract the contents of the archive into a directory of your choice and start the file "GPlayer.exe". Pressing F1 displays the controls of the scene.

System requirements: 1.3 GHz processor; DirectX9; Graphics card with shader support; recommended Shader 2.0 (GF5, ATI 9500 or better)

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last update: 03.01.2006