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Virtools Dev is a complex development system for 3D visualizations and interactive multimedia applications like games, product showcases and architecural visualizations. All of these can be used both on- and offline.

In the Virtools environment, ITnB-Development offers four kinds of services:

  • Development of bulding blocks and other modules
  • We design and code custom Virtools building blocks that can be used flexibly in the customerīs application. Our developers also customise existing building blocks if the original source code is provided. Furthermore, we take care of other software components and fitting them to the customerīs wishes, like for example the Virtools-Player, that allows you to run your Virtools applications outside of Virtools Dev.

  • Development of Virtools scripts with VSL
  • Virtools comes with itīs own scripting engine that allows for visual programming. Code elements are being grouped and linked so that the functionality desired by the customer is achieved. To access the functions provided by the Virtools SDK, we make use of VSL scriptsas needed.

  • Development of whole scenes
  • Of course we also use the above-mentioned methods to develop complete scenes and applications with Virtools Dev for our customers.

  • Shader Development for Virtools
  • With our developers having years of practice in the field of shader programming, we are also able to offer a wide range of custom-made shaders we implement in Virtools. See also:
    >> Shader Development