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Research project
"Sechín Bajo"

"Tick Lifecycle"
and "Tick Quiz" online

Second Virtools workshop
at MdH Munich

Cooperation between ITnB-Development and Bitmanagement
Software GmbH

'Shader - Demo'

'Dynamic Chamber'

Update Tech-Demos

Music video SEEED

Virtools tutorials

Virt. workshop Wernigerode


Musik video DJ Tomekk


eCard Mentos

Musik video FLER


Project "MS Schwerin"

Virt. workshop München


Music video J. Deutschland

Brine Spa 3D online

Music video Beatsteaks

Virtools VAR

Brine Spa 3D


Music video Sido

Music video Aggro Berlin

Virt. workshop at HFF


Research project "Sechín Bajo"

ITnB-Development has completed the first phase of the virtual reconstruction of the archaeological excavation site "Sechín Bajo". Subject of the visualization is one of the ancient sites in the Casma valley (Peru), which we remodeled based on the data provided by the archaeological company "Archäo Kontrakt".

"Tick Lifecycle" and "Tick Quiz" online

ITnB-Development delivers two new projects around ticks for Baxter Germany. A quiz and a series of videos inform the user about the dangers of TBE (Tick-Borne Encephalitis).

Second Virtools workshop in Munich

As part of the gamedesign program of study, ITnB-Development is again holding a ten-week Virtools workshop at the Mediadesign University of applied sciences in Munich.

Cooperation between ITnB-Development and Bitmanagement Software GmbH

ITnB-Development and Bitmanagement Software found a partnership to support each other in the market.


The shader demo displays a variety of different material effects, different shaders ( shader model 2.0 ) and a skybox with HDR format.

Screensaver-Demo "Dynamic Chamber" now online

'Dynamic Chamber' is a visually advanced Screensaver which features shader 2.0 support. As a special feature, we implemented the ODE physics engine to ensure physically correct behaviour of the objects in the scene.

Update Tech-Demos "Der Hof" and "Into the box"

The demos Der Hof und Into the box have been enhanced by Shader 2.0- and GUI-Support.
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Animation Video SEEED - "Aufstehn!"

For Schuhwerk Filmproductions, ITnB-Development animated a Tunafish and a fishing hook for the SEEED-video 'Aufstehn!'


ITnB-Development presents the first two tutorial videos teaching new users how to use Virtools Dev. 3.0. They are available for free download and adress users that are new to the Virtools Development Suite.

Virtools workshop FH Harz

ITnB is giving a four-day workshop titeled "Introduction to Virtools Technology". The workshop is visited by students of the FH Harz and FH Düsseldorf.


For Unlimited GmbH, ITnB took part in the development of several visualizations in RTL-Beachvolleyball >>more

Animation Video DJ Tomekk - "Jump Jump"

For 'die drei !!!', ITnB animated parts of the background as well as the parachuting part of DJ Tomekk in his new music video 'Jump Jump'.


ITnB hands over the Flash-game "Zeckman".
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eCard - "Mentos"

ITnB developed an 3D-eCard for Mentos. The project included modeling the birds, the background, the animation and the integration into a Flash-application. >>more

Animation Video FLER - "NDW2005"

For trigger happy productions , ITnB animated a graffity-imitation for FLER's video "Neue deutsche Welle 2005".

3D-Tickviewer and Flash-Game

For Baxter Germany GmbH, ITnB-Development produced a 3D-Viewer showing a tick and a jump'n'run game. The viewer shows the user a detailed insight into the anatomic structure of a tick. Additionaly, information on the function and structure of it's inner organs are available. Additionally, a Flash-based game was developed for the child-oriented "Tickschool" website.

Project "Virtual Ship Museum" has been started

The project "Virtual Ship museum" is a co-production of the german DSR-Seeleute e.V. and ITnB-Development. The goal of this project is the creation of an online-based naval museum. The first exhibit is going to be the 'MS Schwerin', a former freightship of the DSR. The vessel can be watched from an external position or from a first-person point of view in which you can actually walk on the MS Schwerin. Planned versions of this project include the display of detailed information about the everyday life and work of the crew. At the current stage of development, our main focus lies on creating an exact model of the ship. The first version is online now!

Virtools-Workshop at the Mediadesign-Hochschule in Munich

ITnB-Development is holding a 3-month workshop for gamedesign students at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Munich/Germany. Students are taught the basic approaches to developing 3D realtime applications and gameengineering using the Virtools Development Suite. The course of studies includes a six-week development of a game prototype.

November/December 2004
RTL Ski-Jump

For Unlimited GmbH, ITnB-Development created five realtime visualizations covering the techniques of ski-jumping which were shown by the german TV broadcaster RTL during their transmission of the 2004/2005 ski-jump season. In cooperation with Rolf-Dieter Klein (controller technology) and Unexpected (character modeling and animation) an augmented reality project was created which is unique in german television.

November 2004
Video animation for Joachim Deutschland

For trigger happy productions new music video 'Ein wenig Anarchie' of singer Joachim Deutschlands , muzzle flashes on a machine gun were created.

www.solepark.de goes online!

Grand opening of the new web portal www.solepark.de. With special guests Dr. Rehberger (Minister of economics of Sachsen-Anhalt) and Hans-Jürgen Haase (Head Mayor of Schönebeck) the new portal was put online on 11/09/2004. [Hiermit wurde eine neue Marketingstrategie im touristischen und Kurbereich umgesetzt. [Highlight des Webportals ist ein 3D-Rundgang durch den gesamten Kurpark]

Animated coin for Beatsteaks video

For the new music video of the Beatsteaks we animated a flying coin. It was a special pleasure for us... :)

First examples can be seen at our demo-section. More showcases and goodies will be added in the future.

ITnB-Development is now VAR for VIRTOOLS

ITnB-Development signed a contract with Virtools, thus becoming official an VAR for the Virtools Development Suite. After using Virtools Dev for the development of a broad variety of projects for several years, we decided to put the cooperation of both companies on a legal basis.

ITnB-Development gets job to create online 3D world

ITnB-Development was assigned the development of an online 3D visualization of the Bad Salzelmen brine spa and a promotional DVD including an educational game. The project consists of both a 2D and a 3D version of the main website, a DVD and an e-learning part.

'Kabelracer' completed

We have finished the 'Kabelracer' project and handed out the final version to our client. In accordance with our company´s motto, the project was delivered in time and budget.

Animation for new Sido video

We have animated flying 50 Euro bills for the newest music video of german rap artist Sido, which was produced by trigger happy productions.

Video animation for Aggro Berlin

For trigger happy productions we animated two jetfighters for their latest music video 'AGGRO-Ansage Nr.2' by Aggro Berlin.

Virtools workshop for n_space

Jan Liebetrau and Michael Herm are holding a second workshop covering the subject of 'Designing computer games with the Virtools Development Suite'.

Development of an online multiplayer racing game

ITnB-Development was assigned the development of a prototypical online multiplayer racing game for producer 'project-syntropy' under the working title 'Kabelracer'. The prototype will be created for use in a broadband-cable environment and will be integrated in a specially designed gaming infrastructure.