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Virtools effects and shader demo

This Virtools-Demo show some of the breathtaking effects that can be achieved with Virtools Dev. 3.0 with the newly introduced support of vertex and pixel shaders. The demo illustrates examples ranging from basic visual effects to high level shader and post-processing effects.

You can switch between the various shaders and effects in this demo. Change the parameters and instantly see the results. All available effects can be used seperately or combined in your own work. This provides for maximum effects for your interactive 3D scenes.

Most prototyping applications only allow you to test a single shading technique on a single object in a separate environment. With Virtools Dev. 3.0, you can edit your game content 'on the fly' thus getting optimal results.

  • move the mouse to the left screen border to call up the menu
  • click the '<<' and '>>' buttons to navigate through the menu
  • click the desired effect to watch it
  • click into the scene and hold your mousebutton down to rotate the camera around the head
  • use your mouse wheel to change the distance of your camera to the head
  • use the sliders in the bottom-right corner to scale the effects
  • after 30 seconds of inactivity, the automatic slideshow mode will be activated
  • press [Enter] to manually start the slideshow mode
  • press [S] to increase the speed of the slideshow
>> Download Shader Demo (2.8 MB)
>> Download alternativly as RAR archive (2.7 MB)

System requirements: DirectX 9; graphics card with at least VS1.0-compatible shader support

For information, visit www.virtools.com or contact our customer support.

last update: 10.05.2004